Diocesan Catholic Children's Home

Northern Kentucky's premier agency helping those in need of information with Foster Care and Adoption services.


If you’ve ever considered becoming an adoptive or foster parent, this is the place to find out more about it! 

The Diocesan Catholic Children's Home provides children with emergency or temporary foster care services, which is a supplemental family care for a child(ren) while their own birth family is unable to meet their needs safely. Therapeutic Foster Care is slightly different from traditional foster care, because the behaviors and the needs of the children may be more challenging. As a result, DCCH provides more training and supportive services to the families selected to become Therapeutic Foster Care Parents. This is a unique project bringing information and opportunity to those interested in helping children in foster care. 

DCCH started offering therapeutic foster care and adoption services to further enhance what the agency began 165 years ago here in our Northern Kentucky community. It is our mission to express God’s love by providing compassionate care and quality services to address the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of children and families.  It is our goal to assess, stabilize, treat and educate children and their families while facilitating changes in relationships, attitudes and behavior. Through the continuum of support and assistance, we strive to establish them into a family setting, as well as develop the children into productive, self-confident members of our community 


Why we do it !

Each day, there are children who wake up in homes where they are abused, neglected, or emotionally mistreated.  Their families have developed significant problems.  Without intervention, these children can suffer irreparable damages.  Some families will be fortunate.  A neighbor, a teacher, or a relative will notify social services.  For some the problems have become so detrimental, the children are no longer safe.  A relative may be contacted to provide temporary care but when relatives are not available, a foster family is needed.  A foster family provides children with a safe place to call home while their family takes steps to create a safe, nurturing environment.

We believe that all children deserve a chance at a happy normal life and we want to help train and support those who have the desire to help those children in need.








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